Registration and application

First of all, you need to register in our volunteer database. Fill out your profile, and upload an up-to-date CV and a photo of you. You will also need a reference – you can reach our reference template here. The reference can be filled out by anyone (except for close relatives) who knows you well and is able to give an objective picture of your skills and competencies. We ask about the skills that you need to have in the camp and after the session these will be considered in your volunteer evaluation, as well.

Once you have uploaded the necessary documents, go to Applications to generate the application form. This will be sent out to your email address. Take reasonable amount of time to fill in this questionnaire because your answers won’t be saved in case you are interrupted. There are questions which require lengthy answers, as we wish to get to know you better and to learn about your experience and motivation.

After the application

If you have not volunteered at Bátor Tábor  Spolu s odvahou yet, you will have a 30-40-minute-long video call interview (via Skype/Messenger/WhatsApp) with us in English between. You do not need to prepare for this, just be yourself. We will notify you about the result by the end of April.

If you are a new volunteer and have been selected, you need to take part in a compulsory online training in the beginning of August and another preparation training at the camp in Hatvan, Hungary, the day before the camp session starts. Trainings for returning volunteers are not compulsory